June 2014 007Ego is attached to mind as heart is attached to spirit. Ego creates separation and therefore comes from the emotion of fear. Heart is that without ego… a reflection of Spirit. The one time we are not at war with each other, we are thinking with our hearts, and acting with clarity. We associate the emotion of love with the heart. However, if we were to really look at the Hot love we feel, we will see it’s just chemistry. Real love is clarity of thought, and a quiet knowing. Ego blinds us from that truth, because it wants the mind to be in control of the body and not the heart. For the two can not be in control at once. Real love comes after the romantic stage, when romance turns into partnership and the clarity of love sweeps in. Because you feel differently with this person than you did with the last, is simply because the synapse in your brain are taking different pathways than they have before, and because your associations with this person are also different.
Sorry folks, chemistry, that super-charged animal magnetism was biologically created to get people together to have babies, love comes later. Love is that quiet knowing, steady, consistent anchor to another. That “I love you” that emerges from the waters of stillness, and wraps you in a warm blanket of bliss. Real love is that kind of love that shines from a best friend relationship.