It’s amazing how one simple understanding can turn into an enlightened perception. How do we manifest through the conscious self? How do we step into that flow, and be apart of something that is on going around us, all the time? Living in “lack” comes from low self-esteem and a feeling of undeserving, “this is how I am, and this is how my world will always be”. Feeling deserving of something better is the first step. Change the way you use your words, by empowering yourself. So if you were describing a job, instead of saying what you Can’t do, say what you Can do. Switch all of your communications to the positive. It’s easy to feel “poor me” when you’ve been doing it for so long. Insist on the better things in life, if you don’t like it, take it back. Feel deserving of what you’re asking for, because it’s our God-given right to be abundant, and there is more than enough to go around.
See God as Source, constantly manifesting abundance and all you desire in your life. Bring Him in close as a lover, and not way out there in the clouds out of reach.
Keep your eye on the action that creates abundance. Big companies will set a goal, then work backwards to the present time, to discover how to get to the goal. The key here is to keep the goal in the back of your head, and focus on the journey. “Do what you love and the money will follow”.
Ownership. Feel ownership of this freedom, new house, new relationship… what ever your goal is. Feel it as though it’s already happened, as in present time.
Creation is the energy of a child like Joy, so to manifest out of thin air one will need to find joy in everything. When we are happy and joyful about everything in life, we are in the flow of abundance. When we are happy, people want to stand beside us, and they want to give us things. Seek joy in everything.
The chakra system of the body is another key element. The base chakra deals with family issues, tribal and yes… abundance. Envision a stack of money, then put a description on what that money represents for you. So for me I would call it Freedom. So, pull this bundle of freedom in through the base or first chakra, through the body and out the crown or the 7th. Having a healthy base chakra makes a huge difference in being able to manifest with ease. Pulling goodness in through the base, is an activity we can do often. As long as the description “Freedom” is generic and doesn’t have a story attached to it. When we ask for a new car every morning, or have a story attached to a generic description like “Freedom”, we limit the ways in-which this goodness we’re asking for, can arrive. Be open to all possibilities, “that’s the trust part, as in trusting that Spirit will provide what is needed”.
The first time you ask bring it all in, the feeling of deserving, of ownership, smells, textures, full description. Every morning, ask from your spiritual guidance, “may financial prosperity fall in abundance about me now”.
And trust is the last piece, “in god, anything is possible”. In the morning after “the asking”, trust, don’t keep in your mind the need for this to come true. Just trust, and get on with the day. Every time something good comes to me, I say “thank you, more please”, and it does. This comes from trusting. This is not just an action to get what we want, it’s a way of life. When we are true of heart all the time and with everyone, and everything, we are in the flow of abundance because of trust.

The art of manifestation: as in understanding that when we have a “thought in the mind” as to what it is that we desire, then go to the “emotion of it as if it’s already happened”, then allow that to become an “inner feeling that fills the entire body”, and the last to add to this, is connection to Spirit/the Divine. To draw Spirit in close, to see God as Source Energy; all that is.