After reading how much our bodies react to the chemistry of physical attraction, it’s a wonder there’s a love at all! Actually there is. When we fill our lives with SO much of the mechanized world, and make the outer situations more important, then it makes it difficult to sense those subtle shifts of the heart. Love by nature is quiet, fear by nature is loud. Listening to the heart is a bit like listening to guidance from Spirit, one has to find that stillness within, and then connect with the heart from there. Each person’s heart language will be different, so half the adventure is finding that language and connection.
There is love beyond chemistry. Chemistry is what brings two people together, however, it is love that is the anchor that holds us steadfast throughout time. Devotion is anchored love, honor is love’s vehicle, and passion… the expression of love’s wrappings.
Love’s chemistry of lust starts the journey, as we move through the jungle of time, we begin to release patterns of old, for the deep rich colors of the high lands along the souls journey.