Most people have a copy of The Secret either in movie or book form, yet, how many actually follow it, and pay attention well enough to have their lives turn around? When we are in the space of asking for goodness to come to us, it has to be kept in the positive. God/Universe/Source only hears the positive, if we use words like don’t want, can’t have, must need… it still comes to us. God doesn’t hear the negative, just hears the need, and grants it. However, if we use “can do” words, and ask for what we “do” want, we may have a different outcome.

A demonstration of what doesn’t work happens right here in our backyard. This great country of the US of A has an uncanny knack of asking for what they don’t want. When we left Europe and migrated to create this USA because of taxes, we soon became a country of overwhelming taxes. The moment we declared war on drugs, we became addicted to pharmaceutical drugs. As this government has learned to govern through fear, it finds itself at war with countries of dictatorship. Sometimes having a demonstration of what doesn’t work, we can then turn it around and have the outcome we choose.
In the learning of a different avenue, soon we notice it’s become second nature. I no longer use words like never or but, and now I’m having clearer communications and stronger connections with those around me. “Never” is a word that travels from life to life and can be very binding. “But” is a word of the ego and creates separation. I’ve replaced Never with Not, and replaced But with Yet or And. So I find in removing these words I have a more harmonious outcomes.