Ren Fair 2012 021I just got back from assembling a petrified wood Energy wheel for a client, just east of Flathead Lake and just south of Swan Lake, Montana USA. A friend and I hauled up enough flat sandstone to create one 12 foot Energy wheel, and we got there in time for early mud season. Patches of snow up to 2 feet in places scattered the landscape, moss hung in the tall lodge-pole pines, as it also covered the ground in many places. And the ground was frozen just 3 inches down. Mud season brings out a deep rich smell of earth, and a strong memory to land I haven’t had since being in New England.

After settling into the cabin, we headed out to walk the land in search of a location for this wheel, and the moment I stepped off the road and into the woods White Eagle was there to greet me. [White Eagle is a spiritual guardian I’ve been channeling since I started building wheels, he also comes through in my writings.] Every time I assemble and activate a wheel, it’s a very exciting and a very powerful experience.
Within a hundred yards I walked right to the location, even though we walked the entire space. The client didn’t want me to disrupt the land while assembling this wheel, even though this location was located on a hillside. So another first was created, a wheel set into the hillside like stepping-stones.
Most wheels that I activate come on like a light switch, and often very powerful like a tsunami. Where the energy wave of the influence fills the space. This wheel however, started up very slowly, and I know the client was hoping for a big bang experience. Yet, in the end they were all satisfied. This was a very powerful wheel to assemble and activate.

Channeling while doing and channeling while writing can sometimes be a very different experience. Creating a sacred site while channeling happens fast, and I often don’t remember what was said to others while in the moment of doing. There is a part of me that stands aside and has the “Oh Wow” experience, the observer part of me. I feel honored and blessed in creating these sacred sites for people.
Thank you.