Are you paying attention? Because here we go, the 2012 shift is truly beginning. If you’re someone who is looking forward to a new world shaped for the human spirit, then now is the time to begin to bring love and gratitude into those dark corners. If you want the new world to be a loving one, it’s important to put love into those places in your life, where you wouldn’t normally put it, and this includes yourself. If you ever feel as though life is pinching you emotionally, where there’s just too much going on all at once… just take time off. Stay home that day, give yourself time to process and come back into balance.

This year is not a year to get involved in a relationship, specifically because all of our personal issues are going to be pushed for growth in ways that we’re not used to. We are going to be very different people in a year or two. And if you do choose to get involved in a relationship, being sensitive to space for processing may be in your best interest.
May gratitude be your North star, and may love’s sensitivity to indifference’s be your anchor.