When ever we judge another by how they look, do, say or think. We inadvertently draw to us the experience of looking like they do, doing how they do, saying what they say, or thinking how they think, and over all… being judged by another as we have judged them. The law of attraction is a little more complex than we think, it maybe wise to avoid anything that may create a dysfunction. A good practice for navigating us out of the woods and back on the path, is “forgiveness”. And if you choose to continue, understand the cause and effects of such actions. Instead of judgement I would say: “blessings for the journey you’re on”.

Right now we are being asked to look closely at our discernment’s; the choices we make. It’s interesting to note that as we become more conscious of our surroundings and our place in it, and if we choose to step away from those responsibilities of being conscious, our world falls apart faster. The world falling apart is a signpost, that we have stepped off our path, and or where we’ve become out of alignment with our true self. Crossing thresholds in consciousness means bringing on more responsibility, then we find there’s no turning back.