Plastic surgery has become a normal way of life for some, and for a few it’s a life saving procedure. We do it because we think it’ll make us more beautiful, or simply because others are doing it. Like a tattoo it’s permanent. When I look at someone who has facial work done, I see a disconnect with life. The body we came in with, is an energetic match to our spirit’s expression. So when we make eye contact, within that first split second, we’re connecting to each others spirit expression, and all the information that comes with it. So when the face doesn’t match the frequency of the spirit, we pick up on it right away that somethings different, and sometimes that person begins to look scary.

Every physical form that we come into this world with, has it’s purpose for karmic balance. And when we disrupt that expression, Spirit will find another way for that karmic lesson to come through. We can’t disrupt karmic lessons, however, we can prolong just when it is that we arrive at the conclusion of this journey.