Suicide is world-wide, almost everyone at some point in their lives has had these thoughts. Thought to be an easy way out, when in fact it’s quite the opposite. We think by committing suicide we’re getting back at those who have hurt us, there’s nothing further from the truth. When we pass our relationship with time changes, and it’s a blink of an eye from when we pass, to the time when our loved ones get over it. By committing suicide we have disrupted the natural order. Most people who have an emotional traumatic passing, often don’t connect to the fact that they have passed. Simply because the two realms are so closely related, like a dream or being awake sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference, so often times we end up spending some earth-bound time in the discovery of the fact. Every earth-bound spirit makes it home at some point, no one is left behind.
Our next incarnation lands us right back into the same emotional situation that caused us grief in the first place, and that next situation can be a little harder. This gives us the opportunity to turn and face it and overcome the issue, as we come back into balance. The thought of suicide is where we’ve gotten our wires crossed in our thinking, where we think we need a physical death, really we need an emotional death or an opportunity to change behavior, or change perspective. When we look at the self, and see an old emotional pattern that no longer serves, this pattern must die for us to continue in balance. This can be a way we think, how we deal with stress, or what we think is possible. We feel that we can’t change things, when in reality we do all the time, it’s just when we need to does it feel difficult. To change a suicidal pattern, we have to get out of the fear and back into love. Out of undeserving and back into deserving, out of lack and into abundance.
In childhood we create emotional patterns that serve us as survival for the chemistry explosion taking place during high school. However as we grow up into adults we need to shed that pattern so we can step into more meaningful relationships; a meaningful relationship doesn’t need an emotional survival pattern to operate. As young adults we need rights-of-passage to help us through this transition, like Outward Bound. Marriage is one we use yet it’s not a good one. And here in the US we don’t have those built into our culture. So it helps to have parents who can recognize and act accordingly. Suicide is a dark path for the one who chooses it. It’s not a short-cut, the short-cut is in facing our fears, and in facing our fears we find that the fear that is so big in our minds, is the fear of change. Suicide is a scream for change: physical change, emotional change, spiritual change… A new job, a new town, a new relationship, new friends, and so on. When creating change keep close to you something or someone who is supportive in your transition. Physical activity, meditation/God time, nature, something that feeds you even if it’s just 5 to 10 minutes a day.
This site was slapped together as a means of support and supply of wisdom that helps us to move forward with ease and joy.

My blessings to you…