June 2014 009There’s an amazing amount of people out there that see sex and intimacy as one in the same. Sexual intimacy to me is where love-making is a quality of relating to another person, more so than just sex. Intimacy without sex has a life of its own, and can be woven into the fabric of relating on any subject. When we get our wires crossed, we have sex thinking that we’re fulfilling our need for intimacy, when in fact there’s so much more. “When I know she’s had a long day, so I draw her a bath and insist on cooking dinner. That’s me being intimate with her”. Dressing someone, feeding someone spoonful by spoonful, being thoughtful, being present, cuddling, openly expressing gratitude, having a heart to heart, sharing hopes and dreams, love with focus, or holding hands while walking. Women express themselves through intimacy and face to face. Men express themselves through independence and shoulder to shoulder. Intimacy is essential in our growth and development, and is a major ingredient in our overall well-being. And if you don’t have it, find it or create it.
[This is not an “ideal”, this is a level of devotion that can be expressed in every relationship.]