In a previous post I had mentioned that in all the worlds to incarnate on, how this one is the most difficult, and the darkest simply because of ego, well there is one other world that is darker or I should say “of a lower vibration”, and the beings of this world will not gain the technology to leave the planet. Other worlds don’t have ego to contend with, and therefore don’t have the ego’s dark side. So all the movies and stories of aliens coming to Earth to wipe us out, is So untrue. As a technological race that we are, we are the most violent beings in the cosmos. Actually aliens are here to give us a message of peace, they want us to be apart of a universal alliance, however, we’re too violent for them. And they’re waiting for 2012 to pass to see if we change.

As we move toward the tipping point of 2012, the movies we’re watching are becoming more violent. Spirit tells me that we are processing the dark side of past lives through movies, so after the shift we won’t have to repeat history’s darkest side. We also process a wide range of emotions through movies, any movie that pulls you in has something in it for you to process through. So watch those movies over and over again, and get it all out of your system.