2012 is the end of a 26,000 year cycle, so 13,000 years ago we were at the peak of the last golden age. Just like the winter solstice is a celebration of the returning of the light, 2012 is the celebration of the returning of the golden age. 2012 can be our darkest hour. However, the more that we do our inner personal work, and in-so-doing choose love over fear, the brighter the years to come can be. When we pray because we are feeling fear, then we put fear out into the world. When we pray because we are feeling love, then we put love out into the world. So what is your choice of outcome?
As we drop down from the golden age we go through the silver age, then the bronze age and into the iron age. Knowing that ego is apart of the human expression, we can see that during the last 100 years the ego has grown considerably, and it’ll be another 100 years to find our way out of this mess.
I saw a series called “The Pyramid Code” on Netflix, where there’s a new – old thought that the pyramids are machines that where designed and built to accelerate the vibration of the planet, as so we wouldn’t have to go deep into the dark ages again. I am amazed to note that the Energy Wheel work I’ve been doing and the pyramids have a similar function in this sense. The most fascinating thing guidance has brought to my attention about this [2012] shift, is the quickening, and the fact that this shift is SO powerful, that we will not have to go as deep into the dark again as we have before. And this has everything to do with our choice of love over fear. So miracles are happening, prayers are being answered… are you paying attention?