From over the wall, I could see them coming. I rushed to her side. She was sitting on her knees in the courtyard in despair, she said she felt herself slipping away. Then they came rushing in, and a great battle occurred. I was run through. I turned to her one last time, expecting to leave with her. When suddenly they road by and swept her up. I, on my knees feeling total despair and anguish at my loss, and like a switch in the moment of passing, complete unconditional love for that and what just killed me.

The earth existence shouldn’t be called “the human experience”, it should be called “the egoic experience”. There are some that would like to shut off the ego altogether. However, the ego is the personality of the mind, and a part of the human existence whether we like it or not. At the time of passing, we get to experience the total letting go of ego, and it is just like a light switch… on one moment and off the next. The contrast between the ego and unconditional love, is So Greatly intense. Death is easy, just like dropping an over coat off your shoulders and allowing it to fall to the ground, “stepping out of that garment”. Birth is the difficult one, take an immense cosmic being, and stuff it into an itty-bitty living space. Why do you think babies cry a lot, and the ones that don’t have gotten the hang of it.