Sometimes like this morning, I find myself being called to step behind the veil. An amazing spiritual being of warmth and Great light, takes me by the hand, and reveals to me the wonders of Earth’s history [questions I’ve been thinking about for the past week]. Earth’s history is taught to us wrong, we haven’t gone from cave man to today’s technology. There have been a few civilizations that have been far more advanced, and who’s technologies have been resurfacing in our own time. From 2011 through to 2014, the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world will be at it’s thinnest. So spiritual guidance and ideas for advanced technologies will becoming through with ease.

Out of all the worlds to incarnate on, Earth is the most difficult and the darkest. And in choosing this planet, we move forward in our personal development faster. There are many Great spiritual beings, guides, spiritual guardian teachers, and masters of light gathering here from many points around the cosmos, cheering us on. Some of these beings have incarnated among us, and brought with them technologies and a higher quality of relating. Like with Atlantis, Machu Picchu and others. What’s coming through for us stronger than all the amazing technologies, is a higher awareness of relating through love and gratitude to each other… Advanced citizenship. An awareness of relations that will bring us out of the dark-ages.

The Energy Wheels that I activate, become beams of light that are seen, and perceived by these Great spiritual beings. Some clients have shared an experience of sensing a gathering of these Great beings of light, ever since the Energy wheel was assembled in their back yard. They describe them as being very tall 15 to 20 feet, and radiating immense love and gratitude. While my experience is a little different. I not only see and feel this great presents, I’m also sent the guidance of how important it is in getting this information out, design and placement, and the urge to create as many wheels as possible. Read Energy Wheels in the menu bar for more info.