We have a fixation on there only being one mate for each of us. Hollywood created a sensation from fiction; that without truth, something Hollywood does a lot. Hollywood and the movie industry is all about fantasy and not fact, and more than not we buy into this belief hook, line and sinker. The belief that there’s only one person emotionally compatible to each of us, is a belief that we are living from lack… the opposite of abundance. When in fact, world wide, there are about five hundred thousand to one, to which you’re compatible with.

Soulmate is another distortion. By definition, a soulmate is someone that shows up in our life, to help us push through our most difficult times. It’s a relationship that may not be easy, yet with their persistence, we come out a better person for it. A soulmate is a classmate in the school of soul. What we think of as a soulmate is really meant to be a twin flame, someone to whom our compatibility is high.