June 2014 015In the Bible it is said that we were created in the image of God, and in today’s spiritually [not religion] we see that this is so. As a spiritual being having an earth experience, the spiritual body is a light body that fits comfortably inside the human form. This light body is multidimensional; can travel to other locations without physical means, can communicate to guardians and beings from other realms, and can think and process information from other places in the body other than the mind. This light body is our pure consciousness. When we are sleeping, we are closer the true reality then when we are awake… It’s the quality of the experience, and not so much the visions we see.

The physical world as real as it feels, is all an illusion. We are spiritual beings first, our true relations is love, we respond to it like a fish to water. All fear communications rub us the wrong way, and ultimately we will choose loving communications, for that is where we thrive. Earth is all energy, changing and becoming. The chair you’re sitting in, is energy slowed down to the point of becoming a solid. Quantum physics is able to view particles popping in and out of existence, this is manifestation at work. Where scientific understanding and spiritual understanding cross paths.

2012 is about us awakening to the reality of our light bodies. Shifting our awareness, changing our perspectives, and moving us forward in our personal development. Brightening our intuition, our telepathy, our ability to manifest and move energy… All this brings us to the understanding, that we can and do create our reality moment by moment. And as individuals we have the choice to go in a positive direction, or a negative one. We came from God/Great Spirit/Source, and we will return to God. And God says “no one is left behind, yet it is up to you, just when it is, that you arrive”.