016Sexual energy and spiritual energy don’t have much in common, however, the common threads that they do share are very powerful. A sexual orgasm is where we can physically feel the Life-force energy or Chi which is the same as spiritual energy flowing through the body. Spirit; is your ray of light; the all healing and transforming force. Your light-body and your Spirit are the same thing, and the chakra system is apart of the light-body.  It’s a way of describing the Spirit and it’s multidimensional countless functions. This spiritual energy is a very powerful healing agent. There are many fascinating methods for harnessing and channeling spiritual energy through the act of sexual intercourse, and redirecting it to heal the body, or balance the emotions.

One that comes to mind, is during sex just before climax stop, put your attention on the location in your body that needs healing, and this spiritual energy will gather there and begin the healing. This application may need to be repeated as often as needed, and this method requires a bit of discipline from both involved. This practice comes from Tantra.

For all you men out there who are looking to create deliberate strong bonds with your lover. Envision your energetic penis extending long and entering her heart space at the top of your thrust. You don’t need to physically go deep to do this. Feel the connection and say to her “I choose to bond with you” as you come to climax. Connect to the truth of this statement as you speak it.

Another deliberate bonding technique is to create a rainbow bridge from your heart to theirs, and this can be done at any distance. This also works on enhancing your telepathic abilities [to connect from a distance]. The page Spiritual Earth Connections will explain this more in depth.

Another deliberate bonding technique: during sex just as you begin to climax, gently press the tip of your tongue with theirs [kissing can do the same however the outcome is not nearly as intense]. This completes a circuit of energy [your Chi or Life force energy] that is now flowing and mixing deliberately with your lover, through your body then through hers and so on, mixing and merging the spiritual essence that you are. What activates it is a spark of sexual excitement by both involved. Deliberately creating this bonding experience is 1.000 times greater than if you don’t. During sex there is a merging of energy, yours and theirs, just the act of sex alone does this. The average bond last 2-3 weeks, the deliberate bonding method time last 2-3 months, and a lot of this depends on your sensitivities. This deliberate bonding blends your spiritual essences together, and this heightens your sensitivities for telepathy and empathic abilities between you both. This only works between 2 people, no matter what your sexual preference is.

If your sleeping with multiple partners in a short amount of time, and you start to feel “not like yourself”. Then you may need some time alone. By withholding from sex the sexual bond will wear off.
Q: Why it’s important to know about energy exchange when having sex with multiple partners? This is a question for those who are interested in those more refined details of the power of influence. Say I choose to be successful in life, and the sexual partner I’ve chosen is someone with very low self-esteem issues. That persons issues becomes entangled with your emotional self, if that person is not doing their inner work and moving forward… neither are you. And all it takes is one encounter to weigh you down for the next 2 -3 weeks, multiply that by a handful of people with trust issues, commitment issues, anger issues… you so deserve someone who moves with you.
Q: What to do if your spouse has a lower vibration?
Be patient with them. There’s a reason you’ve chosen this path with them.

After meditating on love and gratitude, and those higher vibrations for long periods of time, we begin to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. All forms of energy healing will [when done right] give the practitioner that warm fuzzy feeling, of a more quiet Life-force energy flowing through the body. Reiki, chakra healing, and anything to do with chi.

When sexuality is approached from a spiritual perspective it becomes “sacred sex”; an angelic-like approach to sexuality or more importantly an angelic-like approach to your partner, and into the brighter vibrations of higher living. “Nothing like splashing around in this environment”.
Sexuality can be used as a tool in reaching those higher realms of spirituality, and this can only be achieved if you both are traveling this path together. You can’t use another person for your gain, it cannot work that way. Sexual climax accelerates your Chi in a way that you can physically feel it.
While in that space connect to “the child-like joy… and laughter”. This kind of sexual laughter is very powerful, because it manifests the agent of accelerated healing, so while laughing connect to that part of yourself that needs healing. Sexual laughter is powerful because it’s in direct relationship to your Chi [life force energy is that ALL healing and transforming force]. However, you can use any deep laughter that tickles your inner child. It’s also a key element if you’re into the art of manifesting… anything. Like the Tantra healing exercise mentioned before, can be very effective with this sexual laughter. This laughter is not for anything or anyone, it’s an inner tickle. Try mixing this sexual laughter and inner joy with prayer and watch what happens.

Spiritual sex is the art of using the energy of love that is generated by sex, to open the chakras. If sexual love opens your heart and not the lower chakras. Then open the heart as big as you can, then allow the overflow to spill down and fill the next one below. It may take time before you begin to feel that one open up, and when it does repeat for the next one down. Energy can spill up as well. Amazing things will happen in your life when all your chakras can be activated.

We can also channel sexual and spiritual energy into art on any subject, and those creative flows, because they all come from that same field of Source Energy or God space. To think of your lover, and or to think of God, then switch to thinking of that creative project. Bring the energy up from the belly [2nd chakra, "creativity" and a lower vibration] into the heart [4th chakra, "action" and a much higher vibration]. From thinking to acting. When an idea lands in the heart, it becomes action. “Wisdom is knowledge in motion”.
When we find that alignment, the experience becomes an exciting ride, because we find we can apply this anywhere.
Going from spiritual to sexual is easy, because we’re going from a higher vibration to a lower one, and there’s no effort involved. Going from sexual to spiritual requires focus and attention, shifting from your ego-self to the god-self while connecting to her god-self, now that takes attention. Letting go of ego and self-gratification, bring the mind into the present moment, loose yourself in the details of your lover, with the end result of creating an incredibly strong bond. This bond is strengthened greatly when this connection goes beyond the bedroom and becomes a “quality of life statement”.
To go from sexual to spiritual requires one to start with a spiritual perspective, and to hold that space one can step into the Higher Self, the Ethical Self or the Higher Power/higher awareness. To bring in an angelic-like quality of awareness into your experience. It’s an amazing space to splash around in! The spiritual experience of sexuality comes from having a spiritual practice and that sacred connection, and if you don’t have one it’s easy to create.

Porn sex is NOT love, not even a little bit, it’s all about self-gratification; all about climax/orgasm. There’s no emotional heart connection. He is not even plugged into what it is that she needs for her own climax nor does he care, or even what organs maybe being effected. Guys that practice this form of sex often have sexual frustration, and that can show up as dominance and control; slapping and pulling hair. Grabbing the throat is no longer about dominance, and it’s all about violence. He has strong insecurities in his own life, so here is where he expresses power. So this is what we see when we mix fear with sexual frustration. This comes from dysfunction, and for a woman the consequences of such actions should lead her away from him without thought. This is not something she can ever fix in him. This is his threshold to cross. Just not being sensitive to quality of touch. Anything that is an expression of not getting enough, comes through a dysfunctional expression of power and control. Sexual frustration comes from a need to heal a hole in one’s heart, and when we try to fill that empty space with sex, alcohol, more money we discover more frustration. Sexual frustration can be healed by embracing emotional connections. Sexual frustration doesn’t come from sex, this frustration comes from other places like lack of acknowledgement at work, feeling like a unproductive person, and so on. Sex is where it shows up. So when your with your partner, take time to let go of the past and the future, and just be present as in the present moment. Let go of the need to climax and get lost in the physical sexy details of your partner, and you may discover your climax to be more potent. And yes, this takes time, don’t expect results after the first time, just get lost in the practice of it.
Read my page on Boundaries and Personal Power and especially the section on Processing. Because there are far better ways of processing challenges than through sex.
Anal sex is the guy’s idea, very few women actually like it. It’s just another place for him to put his pecker, there’s not much of “what do you think of this idea, and would you like to try it”? It’s more like “ready or not”. Some guys get off on inflicting pain, and a lot secretively get off on “being some place they shouldn’t”.
There are a lot of women out there who will go through great pain, and even become very sick just to please their man. Going from anus to vagina can make her very sick. When she is in physical pain, his bonding experience is about emotional pain, whether he knows that that’s influencing him or not. And the path out is a practice of: “what can I do today that is positively different from yesterday”.
* What does porn do to spiritual energy? It transforms from a very high spiritual energy to a very dense low energy. Porn shreds spiritual energy and has a strong tendency to bring out a sexual greed. As an intuitive relationship consultant, the addiction of porn and sexual greed is by far the darkest, and the most stubborn to transform.
Porn is as dark as sacred sex is light, two opposing sides of the same coin, and the strength being equal in either direction. Choose wisely.

In choosing a partner, one person will look at someone and see wonderful physical attributes for fun and games. And another person will see the potential merging of two powerful personalities. Sex is a bonding agent, a merging of not only two hearts, it also mixes emotions and mixes the personality essence you are… his and hers [you are what you eat]. If your in a good emotional place in your personal development, look for someone who is also conscious in theirs, and the relationship will move on silk.
If he’s had a bad day and is now a bit grumpy, you may want to hold back on the sex until he’s processed back into being happy. Otherwise he’ll just be dumping into you, and it’s not yours to process. And yes, this goes both ways.
So remember this: when you merge your body into theirs in the act of sex, you’re doing much more than inserting Item A into Slot B. You’re taking in that person’s energy and their state of being. “Accept into your body only someone you would want to become, because there’s nothing so influential as a person’s energy as transmitted through sexual intercourse, for the quality of life your choosing to lead.


Sex doesn’t mean as much to me without depth of connection. Having a spiritual connection with my lover makes a huge difference, because all my life’s experiences will be expressed through my spiritual language, and there’s no greater feeling than when she looks into my eyes and I can clearly feel/see that she “gets” me [completely understands]. So choosing a lover who can also see into me makes a huge difference in depth of connection shared on both sides.

Sexual energy… lust, drive just for climax is egotistic sex, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the flip-side to sacred sex, which is what happens when we bring spirituality into sex, and a higher quality of relating. There’s a very distinctive difference, the first has animal energy, and the second has engaging thoughtful connection. Polar opposites of each other, and two sides of the same coin. The first is quick and just in there for the rush and release of the climax. While the second may take hours and is not attached to climax… is only attached to the hearts depth of connection.
The difference between sexual energy and sacred sex is by practicing ego-less relationships which in turn brings forth sexual empowerment, and that has a very distinctive difference once you’ve experienced it. Sexual energy comes from chemistry, that “turned on” feeling we get, that’s chemistry, and that need for the climax release is chemistry. Chemistry is loud so it can get your attention. Real love comes from clarity of thought or a quiet spirit, and with far less ego in it. Sacred sex springs from that stillness, and from there comes the power of being vulnerable… comfortable with being emotionally transparent creates incredible connection and trust.
Continue on the post “Transparency“.

My blessings to you and yours…

Notes:   the creative side of spiritual sexuality
*  The difference between sexual energy and spiritual energy, is sexual energy comes from chemistry and has that “gotta-have” energy behind it. Spiritual energy comes from stillness and when it’s mixed and becomes sacred sex, because of the stillness influence, the sacred sexual expression has more presence, which opens doors of intimate communications, and creates more lasting bonds. Sacred sex begins when you can begin to see the other person beyond the physical flesh, and into the magical gift that they naturally are.
* Sexual energy for most feels like a powerful spiritual experience, however, what separates sexual from spiritual is attachment. When we have such a strong need to connect to our lover, so we feel all these powerful feelings because of this other person… this is attachment and this is chemistry. There is nothing wrong with this, however, if your seeking a spiritual experience through sex it helps to let go of attachment, and practice an ego-less relationship. Ego-less relationship is a love expression in it’s higher forms. Spiritual love is loving someone in a way that is needed, simply because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the lost art of acting from your ethical-self. Disconnect from self-gratification, and connect to a higher expression of your inner potential. Understand? Now “stay there”.
*  When we transform sexual energy into spiritual energy we do one of two things: 1) We sit quietly and remove ego by elevating our awareness into the higher self or higher awareness. 2) Slow down, let go of your needs and focus on your partner. What can you do to to enhance their experience, as they will with you. This exercise has a far more positive outcome if both participate.
* Sacred sex from a spiritual perspective is a personal journey, anything spiritual is personal. When your off by yourself and your reflecting on this powerful energy that sacred sexuality stirs, remember that each understanding is a stepping stone leading to something greater, until you arrive at that place of stillness. Stillness is a place where there are no attachments, no judgements, far less ego, or your not pushed or pulled in any direction. It becomes sacred presence.
This journey moves in cycles… understandings, empowerment’s, enlightenments.
Almost EVERYONE wants to know what is it that will give them great sexual power. [Read post "Power and Being Powerful"] The things to remember are: “No one has an effect over you”, has power over you, can make you feel, can take away from you, is the reason you feel, simply because of Free Will. You can’t change another person, although you can change yourself, and the only way another person can change you, is if you on some level allow it… this is Free Will, and a God gift to us all.
* Young people up to the age of 26 to 28 respond through emotion. Anything that doesn’t work out has a strong emotional response. A new relationship and the emotions are very intense. It isn’t until the late 20′s and early 30′s do we learn how to navigate the emotions. So when the emotions are high, it’s difficult to know the difference between sexual and spiritual, and that is okay… there’s a time and a place for everything.
* Did you know that women are really horny only 30 hours a month, it has to do with the timing of her ovulation. Men are on nearly all the time. This is how amazingly different we are.
* When a woman has a hysterectomy, a lot of what is taken out are glands for hormones that promote sex drive, and 9 out of 10 women will loose their sex drive because of this. If you love sex, please look for other alternatives than a complete hysterectomy.
* Gay men are learning how to navigate and process emotions/sensitivities.
Gay women are learning how to navigate and process power/leadership.
For couples of gay men and women the orgasmic energy patterns move differently, they move within the individual as a single circle. However, because they’re bodies are physically close together, the energy exchange is still experienced. During orgasm the auric field expands 6 to 8 feet, and anyone within that field may experience the bonding.

Q & A  
What is spiritual significance of sexual energies? Spiritual significance of any experience is to go beyond what is considered normal, and discover something spiritually profound about yourself. Like the layers of an onion:
* What do you look like through the eyes of Spirit, when engaged with your lover?
* What moves you in becoming whole within yourself, and how would that effect your relationship?
* What does it mean to you to be able to be your true authentic self with your lover?
* Connect to the core of the person you are, if applied how would this change your relationship? If applied how would this change your $job? The reason I ask this question is more-often-than-not we are one person at home, and a very different one at work. It’s when we have the freedom to merge the two, do we discover another level of personal power in outward application.
* How powerful is spiritual energy? The human concept of power is in having power over another. Spiritual power is consciousness, or the ability to see than act beyond illusion. Spiritual energy is the action part of intuitive thought; there is the intuitive thought of something, then there is the action of the follow-through. Spiritual energy works outside the confines of the laws of men. It’s not something we can give away, lose or trade-in, and there’s not a limited amount of it. It’s vast and can exist in mufti-dimensions. How powerful is spiritual energy? Well, how determined is the mind that belongs to it? And you will know where it can take you.
* Can someone else use your energy if you’re spiritually connected? Yes. There are a lot of people who unknowingly tap in and suck energy from others to fill their own tank. If you feel drained after being around such people, this is why. Read my post Energy Shielding.
* Sharing men does it mix up your spirit? No. The essence that you are, and the essence that influences you are 2 very separate things. Nothing can touch your spirit without your permission, this includes God. This is what Free Will is capable of. Only you can change it.
When sharing sexual partners, if you’re sensitive to subtle energy and or you live in a very quiet environment, you may be able to sense your friend in your energy-field just by sharing the same partner.
* How to get more spiritual energy. There are many methods, and they all require dedication to practice [discipline is to work, as dedication is to play, which would you rather do?]. Creating more spiritual energy comes from a consistent practice of acting with clarity of compassion.
Meditate on raising your energy up into the higher self, imagine this energy ball that is your consciousness, rising above your head and attached to it is a string that’s pulling your spine straight. This rising of consciousness enters a space where ego, anger, resentment all falls away, and you connect to bliss, love, gratitude, Spirit. Practice, practice, practice… amp up your energy, blow it up like a balloon, fill the room, fill the house. Meditation can be a form of prayer and can become a very powerful tool for connecting to clarity. When a challenge feels impassible, meditation can open one’s clarity of thought.
How to get more spiritual energy? Focus on God or whatever your language is, transform all your anger, hate and need to fight into love. The more compassion and love you have for EVERYONE, where you see God in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE the more spiritual power you’ll gain.
* What does spiritual energy feel like? It’s an ego-less high where anger and hate don’t exist. It’s that “falling in love high”, although this love is not for anyone, it’s a hug by Spirit… wrapping you in the warmth of bliss [there are no words for something that has no contrary]. This bliss puts us into a space of clear perception, clarity of understanding, and an ability from love to see into one’s own shady places. Connecting us to spiritual wisdom and creating an avenue of appropriate course of action.
* What is spiritual sex like? It’s the experience of Oneness, however, because it’s spiritual the energies are subtle and very quiet. You become very aware of the energy movements within and between you both. You may discover that the orgasmic evergy can open psychic centers, and quietly give you the ability to perceive into places not seen before. This experience will be different for each person. Because it’s quietly spiritual, we may see the changes as in “after-the-fact”.
As a sexual healer, I will support her in coming to climax, and as she does so [using the orgasmic healing energy] I will say something intimate that triggers a healing, that wasn’t awake in her conscious mind. This promotes a lasting change, and shifts her spiritual essence toward wholeness.
* What is the difference between someone who is spiritual and someone who channels? Spiritual is perception through connection and experience. Channeling is perception through information of spiritual wisdom. One is feeling the experience, and the other is explaining the experience.
* Spiritual sex can it be one sided? No, it always takes two, and not three or more. It’s the merging of our light-bodies. If you masturbate by yourself you can keep your energies clear; nothing is piled up [backed-up] and nothing is stale.
* Spiritual bond stronger to first person you sleep with? It is because you have cracked the mold, as it is with any first time thing. First child, first car, first house, and yes first sexual encounter.
* Can you feel the person spiritually after having sex? Yes. However, the most of us live in the part of the world that can be very busy and very loud. To be able to tune-into those subtle shifts, one has to slow down, quiet the inner chatter in the mind, soften the spirit.
Chemistry, that excitement and rush we feel when our eyes meet for the first time, or after that first kiss. That is chemistry, and chemistry is VERY loud. Anything spiritual is very quiet, and to get to that place in which we can tune-into that spiritual essence of them, we will have to wait until the chemistry has worn off. There is a time in all relationships in which it shifts from romance to partnership, and that is when chemistry fades and the vision of one’s essence becomes clearer.
* Where do you feel energies between another person? When your mother walks into the room, how do you know her, and where do you feel that connection? It’s the same thing.
* Is there a spiritual connection during intercourse? Yes every time, with or without a condom doesn’t matter. God gave us a multidimensional light-body with countless functions, and we with our great knowledge have just scratched the surface. The spiritual side of intercourse is a reminder of connection and the reality of Oneness. Whether or not sex is beautiful or ugly, through the connection of it we find healing and balance. We seek trust and deep emotional connection, the same kind of connection we see with God. And because God is not physical, we seek that same connection in people. Through the relationship and connection with our Light-body and chakra system, we discover only true validation of deep connection and trust can come from God. So through that connection with God, we validate ourselves stronger than we validate our partner’s, which puts us in a space of living in empowerment of self value. And the birth of the ego-less relationship begins.
* Is it sacred to have sex with more than one person? If your approach is sacred, then yes. And if you have “many relationships” going on all at once… if you can be honest to each one about the others and have them be okay with it all, then yes.
* How to create intense sexual chemistry? Take time to truly understand what women/men want, not what you “think” women/men want, yet actually what they want. And become it so much that it becomes your life. Stay humble and watch the chemistry build.
* What type of energy do you get from the one your sexually involved with? It’s the quality of their essence; if they move forward in life with ease and joy, so will you. And if they don’t, that essence will slow you down. “You are what you eat”. What is love to you? Is it where you will take the good with the bad? Or, is it the devoted path of moving forward?
* During sex is spiritual transfer one sided or does it go both ways? Yes, if Bill is having sex with Lisa and Bill is the only one who comes to climax, they both have the experience… every time. Most people are completely unaware of this exchange of energy, it takes focus and attention to quiet the mind, quiet the spirit, and connect to that inner stillness well enough to feel that subtle energy mix.
* How does sex connect two persons spiritually? At the moment of climax the orgasmic energy we feel brightens the auric fields and lights up the chakras, and your light-body vibrates at a much higher frequency. The energy moves in a circle: out his penis, in her vagina, up her back, through her heart, in his heart, down his back, out his penis and round and round. If you could see the energy in light, the orgasmic experience and expression is very bright, and about the size of the average stadium. It’s a pulsating energy, or it can feel like ocean waves. Each person’s experience may be different from the next.
* Is sexual energy spiritual? Sexual energy becomes spiritual when you approach your partner with angelic-like feelings. Before that when you are sitting across the room from each other and have sexual feelings, that is all chemistry. The feeling and expression of sexual chemistry is loud and wild, so it can get your attention. Spiritual energy is quiet and comes from stillness. To have an emotional connection and spiritual experience in a sexual encounter, it helps to quiet the loud and tame the wild.
* Do animals spiritually connect when having sex? No, animals are not here to grow through their experiences like us. They have agreed to be here to teach us compassion. As the Earth has agreed to be the vessel of our learning.
* Where does sexual energy come from? Sexual energy comes as a response from our primal reactionary brain, or it comes from instinct, and chemistry is instinct. As our light-bodies awaken, we begin to process more information through centers like the heart, instead of just the mind. So we are moving into a time in which our focused need for sex will become more balanced between climax and connection. More balanced between masculine and feminine powers in play. However to answer your question directly, sexual energy comes from chemistry. Orgasm is a spiritual energy flowing through the body and lighting up your chakras as it goes. We can choose to ignore it, or feel the rush and excitement of being influenced by it.
* Is sexual energy a strong force? Not compared to spiritual energy, no. It’s like comparing the flea to the elephant. Sexual energy is like a flash, where spiritual energy once you connect to it… it stays on forever. Sexual chemistry is a very strong force. However the human spirit is stronger, and can overcome those urges. And if you give-in, it’s simply because your “wanting” was bigger than “the need to avoid”.
* What does love feel like? Love is not just a place for him to put his pecker because he’s board and your looking for something to do.  Love is: having the feeling, knowing, hearing that, and seeing them being responsible with the care of your welfare. Love is getting lost in the details of your partner. Love is doing what is right over what is easy. Love is not connected to being “right” in a communication, or it’s acts being seen, or even being heard by anyone. Love is the presents of your awareness that’s engaged with the clarity of action, because when you’re in this space you’re connected to the environment and your place in it, and when you’re with your lover while in this space, you’re connected to their needs. It’s automatic you don’t have to think about it.
For her, he is thinking about her physical needs while speaking her language of emotion… are you ok? Are you upset? What can I do to make things right? Are you hungry? Are you warm? Before I leave for work, is there anything you need from me? What do you need from me today? What are your dreams? Give her the freedom to fuss over you.
For him, she is thinking about his emotional needs while connecting to him through his physical world… your behind this morning, let me make your lunch. A touch on his shoulder; an emotional connection helps him to release tension like nothing else. Being touched. Giving him the freedom of space to process his concerns. Giving him the space to build metaphoric castles around you; That being something unusually special just for you.
* What does sexual energy feel like? It is emotionally extremely powerful, even for those of us who are experienced. It’s a feeling and need to curl-up in the arms of the one who triggered the response. Sexual energy to me is all about connection, heart connection, spiritual connection, and for some it’s about release of tension. As a first timer, I would say from experience, choose to have sex with someone you’ve loved for a while. The emotional power that sex changes in a relationship can be a bit overwhelming at times, so this is not to be taken lightheartedly. It’s such a powerful experience that it can easily become addictive. Over all, this experience is unique to the receiver.
* Does having sex with someone connect your energies? Yes every time. It’s your spiritual bodies or your light bodies merging… there’s no way around it. If you cheat on your wife and have sex with someone else, depending on her sensitivities, she will pick up on someone else being in your energy field.
* Can a kiss transfer spiritual connections? Not like you want them to. I’m sorry and no. If that where true we’d be scattered all over the place.
* Do we feel the sexual energy between us? Yes we can intuitively pick up on sexual energy of others. However, to act on it is another issue, just because we feel it doesn’t mean they have to experience it.
* Feeling intense sexual chemistry sitting next to a male friend is the energy mine or his? Is he somebody that turns you on? Then yes it’s yours.
In describing telepathy: if you’re minding your own business and fully focused on something completely different than that person, or in this case sexuality, and that thought pops into your head that’s unrelated to what your focus is. Then it’s the other person who is thinking of you. If you become horny and think of someone, then those feelings are yours.
* What can I do if I have a lot of sexual energy? When sex with another person is not possible, masturbation is a wonderful form of release. If you masturbate just before you go out on a date, you won’t have that sexual drive bothering you, and you can just enjoy your night out.
* Does masturbation lower your spiritual vibration? No, not at all. However, if you keep your thoughts clean, as in how the story unfolds in your mind; the story that brings you to climax. The reason being: the Chi or the climax energy we all experience in an orgasm, is a very powerful manifesting agent. It doesn’t draw to you the person in the “story”, however, it will draw to your experiences the flavor of the story. In-other-words, if the story is about taking what you want, or including heart connection. Those qualities begin to manifest into your life experiences. Manifestation goes from thought to emotion to action. Choose wisely.
* Can we pick up on sexual energy of others? Yes. Again it takes a quiet spirit to pick up on it.
* Can someone feel my sexual energy from a distance? I have chosen not to talk about sex and telepathy, because for most it awakens the ego, and things can get ugly very fast. This is a topic for an advanced class on Sexual Long Distance Healing.
* Love is spiritual energy? YES!!! ;)

Gentle blessings from the sweet essence of the rose.